#pictorial :: Jack Delano (Part 1)

One of my favorite photographers. I got into Jack Delano because of his rail photography, but he’s just an epic photographer and historian. 🙂 JACK DELANO RELATED ARTICLES: #PICTORIAL Hocking Hills State Park #PICTORIAL The Iron Bridge #PICTORIAL ALCO #PICTORIAL Publishing Timeline #PICTORIAL Yamaha PM Series #PICTORIAL A Motivated Supersonic King of the Scene #PICTORIAL … Continue reading #pictorial :: Jack Delano (Part 1)

#pictorial :: The Los Angeles River

The canalized L.A. River culvert has been used in numerous films and television shows as a location for car chases, races, the dumping of dead bodies, etc. (During most of the year the river is a trickle and the culvert is almost completely dry.) The scene from Grease is a particularly well-known and notable example, … Continue reading #pictorial :: The Los Angeles River

#pictorial :: Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills State Park is a non-contiguous state park in the Hocking Hills region of Hocking County, Ohio, United States; it is contiguous with the Hocking State Forest. Within the park are several spectacular rock formations. The park contains seven separate sections: Ash Cave, Cantwell Cliffs, Cedar Falls, Conkle’s Hollow, Old Man’s Cave, Rock House … Continue reading #pictorial :: Hocking Hills State Park

Today in ’33 #engineering #pictorial

Today in 1933, construction started on The Golden Gate Bridge. Joseph Baermann Strauss was an American structural engineer who was the chief engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge, a suspension bridge. (San Francisco’s Joseph Strauss Memorial, in March 2010 – credit: Steven Pavlov) Joseph Strauss (chief designer of the Golden Gate Bridge) Memorial, San Francisco, California. Artist: Frederick … Continue reading Today in ’33 #engineering #pictorial