#pictorial :: Ohio 2 For 1 Destination Deal

The latest pictorial features a great spot in Ohio for camping, hiking, canoeing, and a trip to the lake, all rolled up in one. The Mohican State Park area is next door to Pleasant Hill Lake, so when you stay at either, you’re visiting both.
One day you can get in some awesome hiking and photography on the Mohican River trails, the next you can spend a day at the lake, next go for a canoe trip, and that’s just a quick list…you’ll have to camp there for a few years until you really know it all.
This was my premiere vacation destination every year for a long time. That area has a special place in my heart. Camping trips galore there with my lady. If any place was “our” place, I’d like to think it’s Perrysville, Ohio. A little rinky-dink place that probably wouldn’t even register on a map if it wasn’t a connecting town between the lake and the Mohican area. They have a great little Dairy Queen knockoff style place that we always went to get lunch, ice cream, and take a rest. On my do anything list, buying that little place and running it is up there. A perfect place to retire…if you can stand these Ohio winters. 😉

This is a popular destination, so all kinds of history and local business are there to serve and educate visitors. There’s also a larger town in decent proximity that has Wal-Mart, and all the usual suspects in case you need supplies.

Also, the Pleasant Hill Lake pictures are just a tease. The roads that go around the lake are great driving and scenery, as is the whole are a featured. But the dam at Pleasant Hill Lake is a great drive over, with a spectacular view to either side. It has a unique spillway system. The dam has a a couple of parking areas, so visitors can get and and enjoy the view of the lake, the spillway, and access trailheads.
Trailheads are there that lead to some serious awesome hiking. The trail system is extensive around Mohican, so you’ll want to research the trails and do like I do, HIKE THEM ALL!!! 😀
Pleasant Hill Lake Park is a big park, and you could spend a whole day hiking and exploring it. Picnic areas scattered all over the place. It’s also got a great beach for swimming, with a big hill that leads down to it. The views and everything there are just great every way you look.

A great spot. I love this place. If you’re in Ohio and love the outdoors, Mohican and Pleasant Hill Lake are worth more than one trip.:)


moh6(Near Small Lyons Fall at Mohican State Park – credit: Aaron Zhu)
moh4(Covered Bridge at Mohican State Park – credit: Aaron Zhu)



(Clear Fork River x2 at Mohican State Park, Clear Fork Gorge, Mohican State Park, OH – credit: Aaron Zhu)

moh5(Lyons Falls Trail at Mohican State Park – credit: Aaron Zhu)


(Pleasant Hill Lake Park Sign)



(Activity Center – Pleasant Hill Lake)

(Pleasant Hill Lake Marina)

(Pleasant Hill Lake Campground)

Above images from the following sources, and information can be found at these sites about the parks featured.



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