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Follow strangersound on Google+. You’ll get a feed of posts/excerpts from the blog, plus the extra stuff on Google+. You can also follow on, but I don’t really hang on there. I just feed the blog into it, so you can use it to get notifications.

On another note, the best thing that happened to web design was divs. It wasn’t long until Masonry (jQuery) and other methods cam along that truly made it possible to get that “magazine” look. My favorite form of print media is magazines. Call it ADD, but nothing beats a good magazine. TapeOp, Mix, Guitar mags, etc…or vintage mags like CARtoons, OMNI, and even though it’s a popular joke, Playboy did have high quality journalism, when you weren’t gettin’ your jollies. The liberated attitude of the Playboy ethos was reflected in it’s editorial content. Guccione was even more subversive than Hef. The final solution being Larry Flynt. Anything past that and you’re hanging out in some dark seedy places on the internet. 😉

The AAA magazine is good stuff. What could be better than some great photo articles and auto and travel related content while you’re dropping a deuce. The web keeps spitting it’s vile phlegm all over print media taking all their ads dollars and just giving them a royal shagging that would have left Austin Powers rode hard and put away wet and wondering why that hooker stole his wallet. Walking bow legged and grinning ear to ear with that post fucking glow…take a shower, would ya?

One time, a sexy angelic mermaid and I were young and frisky and had been creating some serious motel room stink and managed to somehow end up in the McDonald’s drive through getting coffee or whatever it was. And when we pulled up to the window, the look the person in the drive though let us know that it was obvious from the smell that we were having a good time. 🙂

The key to being a good writer is just letting the words flow and trying not to let the bullshit get you too amused, because what happens then is you lose your train of thought. And then you have a train wreck. Because if you don’t manage to bring all that bullshit back around to some salient point, then it’s all in vain. You may type for an hour and end up just deleting the whole mess because once humor value is compromised, than an article is just a psychological statement on the writer. It’s best to keep you’re readers guessing. They want to think you’re some sort of clever genius, not a raving madman. Well, some may like that…but they are far too far and between.

Hey, here’s some social media links you can follow…good luck following any of the text that followed. 🙂

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