Fear and Loathing in Los Santos


The real lesson in positivity is balance.”

Obsession with positive thinking and being, at it’s root, a form of binary thinking. Most people who espouse positive thinking as a solution for everything have good intentions, they see a large segment of people that are ruled by negative thinking. But what they need is balance, not an eradication of one half of the whole.
Reality works on the principles of balance. To embrace life fully, one must embrace the darkness and the light. When you work to pull away from half of what is, what is pushes back to maintain balance.
This form of binary opposition thinking is prevalent in human discourse in many forms. It’s the same thing, one half thinks that the solution to every problem is to get rid of the other half. Both halfs are naturally opposed, but this design is meant to be balanced, remaining a whole. Each side is a mirror that reflects back at the other, which illuminates what really is. Both sides exist at odds to reinforce the other.
Being positive should mean raising your frequencies as a whole, not just one half. Being able to understand the negative and properly manage it makes you more effective at using the positive. We appreciate the day, but we also appreciate the night. It’s the dance between two that makes a romance. Ω

(image via https://www.facebook.com/GrumpyNietzscheanCat/)

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