#playlist #list :: Best 15 of YouTube Vol. 1

This is the first in a series. Thanks for tuning in. 🙂

Here’s an awesome playlist of the top 15 great reasons to hang out on YouTube and get entertained. Like the best of whatever was off the top of my head when I made the list. But with a discerning eye for quality set to achieve that goal in a series of playlists until the shit’s played out. 😀

The following can be found in the embedded playlist player at the bottom of the post, in the order listed below.

1. The first in the list is Roamin’ Rich bringing in an amazing hour of footage of historic Route 66, using aerial drone work as the primary focus. A mandatory documentary for any bridge, architecture, or infrastructure fan.

This a masterwork of documentary film making. Just the infrastructure alone is worth LOC inclusion. The context and historical record are priceless. The film is total Rock & Roll. I could do time stamps all through this movie of fabulous cinema. I know you can’t watch this and do something else at the same time. This demands your full attention. A stunning as it is inspiring documentary. 🙂

Rich does preservation promotion for historic RT66. His channel has all kinds of good nuggets. If you love Americana, the southwest, and mid century history, his channel is for you.

#RoaminRich #RT66

2. Techmoan has been doing historical research regarding various recording and playback mediums fpr a while. He’s got a knack for finding the oddest format that never took off and you definitely never heard of. The entry on the list is a great inside look at a vintage tape transport. A wonderful look for fans of mechanical engineering, as well as audio fans. One of YouTube’s coolest channels.

#Techmoan #HIFI

3. Two guys broke into the Matrix machine room and started jamming some bullet time effect techno grooves on analog synths. Rumor had it that you need to go find the other tracks on YouTube for this session. This gets on the list because it’s analog worship, the tones deliver, and the vibe is hype with the two cat burglars cooking a pot of deep electro stew. Check out the guys channels, if you like it.

#music #jams #electronic #analog #synthesis #sequencing

4,5,6,7. – Fast as Funk/Sector 9/Illusion –

“Speed wobbles are part of the game. You just gotta realize when your gonna bomb a hill, there’s no turning back. Once you go, you go. So uh, if you get the speed wobbles, don’t get off your board, man. You gotta ride through them. There’s like three stages of speed wobbles. Like there’s the first stage, which what, about 20 miles an hour? You can ride right through that one. Stage two, about 3os…pretty heavy, but but you can go right through that one. The next one…after that, you go right through that one, too. Just stay on your board, man, ’cause uh, no one wants to moon walk; ’cause when you’re walking on the moon man, gravity is really vicious, you’re on planet Earth.” – The Illusion

#stoke #highfrequencytribe #gravity #cinematography #downhill

8. Education is everywhere, the material is abundant, all one needs is the desire.

#education #business #r&d #management #Intel #CraigBarrett

9, 10. Can’t Casey Casey?

#YouTube #Casey #NY #dowhatyoucant #inspiration

11. Doc Pete with the exit through the other side.

#insight #philosophy #psychology #politics #education #nihilism

12, 13. The Pink Panther is real. I read it on Creepy Pasta.




15. Anthem


#playlist #list #YouTube

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